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ISBN 9788892102682
Categoria Giurisprudenza e diritto
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This book features a series of essays on the most important issues regarding food safety and quality law. Consumer health is increasingly connected to food production localization and free circulation of food products in Europe and worldwide. The global market is ruled by a complex and transnational network of sources of law: international European national and regional laws in addition to private contracts and standards. Food law has been progressively concerned with the common concept of food as a cultural heritage to be defended from fraud counterfeiting and improper business practices. Food security and quality issues have to be solved in order to meet the expectations of future generations and according to the principle that the current generation is merely the guardian of natural resources. The conviction has been gaining ground that food is a form of biodiversity to be protected both locally and globally.&nbsp.

Anno:  2016-02-29
Pagine:  129

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